FROM THE FORGOTTEN BLIZZARD OF '77... barely remembered here and now.  I'm apparently still around and that is really working out in my favor.  Otherwise I'd be nothing at all which -  though a zero sum gain to many - would be a real downer for me.

On occasion I pick up an instrument and I play a song.  Sometimes I even play a song that has never been written or heard before by anyone at all other than me and then I that down and claim it as my own.

Even more rarely still I record it to a form of electronic capture medium - either a "digital" video our sound - and I post that to the internet or give it away to friends to listen to.

Once I convinced several friends way across the country to help me with a series of these recordings and it resulted in my first record called GRAND CENTRAL NOWHERE (2009).  

Some people heard it, a lot more didn't.  But it was as good a place as any to start.

Then a couple friends who live in the same city as me worked together to lay down some tracks and made a single, CAHUENGA PASS (2014).  

here's a picture of musicians making music, of which I am one.

here's a picture of musicians making music, of which I am one.

I've played a few shows here and there - some alone & some with friends - and I've taken leisurely strolls around the town I live in and some other towns where other people live and saw somethings and met some people and did some things and had a time.

I still play and I still write and I have other songs that I hope to share someday.  

I will keep doing these things for as long as the here and now will have me.